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Bake your favourite pastries

Moin moin wrap is oven safe and can be used in the oven to bake mini loaves, mini cakes, single serve lasagne and much more.

Microwave & Dish washer friendly.

Warm food in the moin moin wrap as it is microwave safe. The biodegradable silicone makes it a natural health lovers choice. Also feel free to wash it clean using your dish washer.

Freeze easy

Store steamed or baked goods right in the moin moin wrap. Less utensils, less clean up with a tight fitting lid. It’s the perfect way to store moin moin and other food items for later use.

Steam it like no other

Steam your moin-moin, casserole and puddings in our revolutionary moin moin wrap

Infinite Versativity

With the innovative moin-moin wraps, you are sure to have a clutter- free kitchen experience.┬áNo hassles, its’ advantages are infinite. It is the most user friendly, healthy and versatile mould for today’s modern kitchen.

While it is not a replacement for the beloved banana leaf, the reality is that our modern day lifestyle does not allow for adequate time to source, clean, wrap and cook moin moin effectively.
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