The idea of Moin Moin Wrap was born out of the need
for a quicker, easy to use clutter-free and reusable
mould that can be used as an alternative to the
traditional moin moin leaf.

While it is not a replacement for the beloved banana leaf, the reality is that our modern day lifestyle does not allow for adequate time to source, clean, wrap and cook moin moin effectively.

The core of the idea for the Moin Moin Wrap came as a desire to provide an alternative to the local leaves used in West Africa to make a popular dish known as moinmoin or olele, also known as African bean cake. These leaves are not readily available outside of Africa, especially in the USA and Europe

Till recenty, the African community in diaspora have improvised using aluminium foil and plastic bowls.

The Moin Moin Wrap is a healthy long term alternative to using leaves, plastic bowls, aluminium foils and plastic bags.

Moin moin wrap is made from food grade Silicon. It can be used for other dishes apart from Moin moin, such as baking cakes, casseroles, lasagne.

Bake your favourite pastries

Moin moin wrap is oven safe and can be used in the oven to bake mini loaves, mini cakes, single serve lasagne and much more.

Microwave & Dish washer friendly.

Warm food in the moin moin wrap as it is microwave safe. The biodegradable silicone makes it a natural health lovers choice. Also feel free to wash it clean using your dish washer.

Freeze easy

Store steamed or baked goods right in the moin moin wrap. Less utensils, less clean up with a tight fitting lid. It’s the perfect way to store moin moin and other food items for later use.

Steam it like no other

Steam your moin-moin, casserole and puddings in our revolutionary moin moin wrap